Akbar Darlington receives scam call from ‘influencers’ for free food

Owners of an Indian restaurant in Darlington have spoken out after a group of people called to ask if they could have free food in return for a good review.

The party asked for four meals and drinks from Akbar The Great on Duke Street in return for a positive review on social media.

Needless to say, this did not go down very well with the team at Akbar and the family-run business declined the “influencers’” offer.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues and so many businesses in Darlington struggle to stay open, this restaurant proved it would not to manipulated.

Akbar The Great took to social media to highlight the cheeky request.

The Facebook post read: “Just had someone ring to try to book a table for the weekend. In return for a free meal and drinks for 4, they would leave me a good review and put me on there social media pages as they are some kind of ‘influencers’. (Whatever that means.)

“When i said you will have to pay like everyone else does and then leave your review etc they put phone down. Lol the cheek of some people.”

As the restaurant is very popular in the town, it didn’t take long for locals to show their support for the independent business.

Allan McWilliam said: “What a stupid sense of self importance they have. They need to bloody pay you for your amazing food.”

Mandie Young said: “Watch your review page just in case they leave a negative one. Lots of businesses are suffering with this scam.”

Tori Gill said: “So cheeky isn’t it!”

Debbie Louise Watt said: “You think you’ve heard it all then some nutter goes and pulls it out the bag with that one.”

Deborah Clarke said: “You get fantastic reviews anyway.”

Akbar The Great is now located at 22 Duke Street and is open Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 5pm until 10pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm until 10pm.

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