Last ditch appeal launched to save the Old Horn in Spennithorne

A community campaign to take over and save a cherished village pub is within a few thousand pounds of the target needed to apply to the government for match-funding.

The doors of the Old Horn in Spennithorne have been closed since September.

A community group set up by villagers in Spennithorne and neighbouring Harmby, near Leyburn, aims to buy the pub, renovate it, and reopen it. They say similar community campaigns in other North Yorkshire villages have proved to be immensely successful.

The estimated cost of buying and renovating the Old Horn is £360,000. Half of the amount must be raised through the sale of shares, and it is hoped the other half will be provided by the government as match-funding.

Shares went on sale last month. Campaigners revealed that £151,000 has been raised so far. A further £14,000 is all that is needed to hit the absolute minimum of £165,000, the sum required to trigger an application for match-funding. If the minimum is raised by next week, the share offer will be extended in an attempt to secure the full £180,000 half-share of the bill.

In a message to supporters, the Old Horn Community Pub Society Ltd has appealed for a big push to reach the minimum figure by next week.

A spokesperson said: “We are only going to get one chance to save this important and historic local amenity so please do speak to people you think may want to help, may not be aware of the campaign, or may be able to dig a little deeper.

“This is so close to reality now, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.’”

Anyone wishing to buy shares (the minimum commitment is for 500 £1 shares) contact OHCPS SHARE OFFER c/o Alan Cape, Howden Lodge, Spennithorne, DL8 5PR or OHCPS SHARE OFFER c/o Ann Gamble, Rivendell, Hillfoot, Harmby DL8 5PH. The share offer closes on January 24. For more information, email or call 07885 773815.

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