MP picks up treats for his pet at The Dales Dog Deli

Rishi Sunak stopped at The Dales Dog Deli in the Market Place to met owner Steve Benson and select some deli delights for the Sunak family pet – a two-year-old fox red Labrador retriever.

The shop, which opened earlier this summer, offers a Pick ‘n’ Mix array of natural dog treats sold by weight.

Mr Benson said he believed the concept was unique for a dog food business. “I was in a sweet shop in Bedale when the idea came to me,” said Mr Benson. “It works well for sweets so I thought why not try it for dogs.”

He said business had been brisk since he opened, with the treats proving popular with dog-loving tourists and local residents alike.

Mr Sunak had chosen a selection for Nova, including the best-selling pork rind sausages, Mr Benson said.

“It was great to talk to Rishi about the benefits of natural dog treats and he was very interested in our business model.”

Mr Benson said that in addition to the dog treats, the business also sold its own brand dog food, a range of raw dog foods and eco-friendly dog toys. The product range is also available online.

Mr Sunak said Nova had proved to be a very satisfied customer. “She loved her treats so I must have made the right selection!”

He praised Mr Benson for his novel business idea. “With the growing popularity of dog ownership, I am sure he will do well online and through his new shop with the pick ‘n’ mix idea.”

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