Opening date set for Original Factory Shop in Northallerton

Images taken of Northallerton high street show The Original Factory Shop will be moving into the ex-Wilko shop, with a date for the opening set by the brand.

Darlington and Stockton Times: The Original Factory Shop, NorthallertonThe Original Factory Shop, Northallerton (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

The Original Factory Shop announced that it would be opening on Saturday (March 23) – offering up to 70 per cent off big-name clothing brands like Nike, Under Armour, Nicce and several more. 

The unit has been empty after Wilko collapsed last year, leaving stores across the UK to close and thousands of jobs lost in the process, including countless stores and jobs across the region. 

The discount hardware and furnishings chain shut 400 UK stores after tumbling into administration in August 2022.

The family-owned business hired administrators from PwC after it came under pressure from weak consumer spending and debts to suppliers.

Darlington and Stockton Times: The former Wilko store in NorthallertonThe former Wilko store in Northallerton (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

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PwC then held talks with interested firms but was unable to secure a rescue deal for the whole firm, with a potential takeover by HMV owner Doug Putman collapsing.

Deals were agreed to sell up to 71 stores to Poundland and to sell up to 51 shops to fellow rival discounter B&M.

Despite several stores in North Yorkshire and the North East becoming both Poundland and B&M, this didn’t happen in Northallerton, and since closing last year, the shop has been empty ever since. 

However, after signs started appearing in the Northallerton store earlier this year – it soon became clear that the Original Factory Shop would open. 

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